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A final chance to say goodbye to G-CIVM

Another 747 to make its way through our facility in Wales was G-CIVM. The globe trotting jumbo has been to all corners of the world since 1997 until very recently when it began retirement as many quad jets are phased across all airlines. It set off on its final voyage on 16th March making a short skip and a hop from Heathrow over to Wales where it finally came to rest.

As always, de-production of G-CIVM has commenced and we are letting anyone who wants to keep some memories of the planes that come to us buy parts. Contact us for any special requests you might have.

Credit – James Oates @speedbirduk
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What a lot of flying!

There’s few aircraft that can claim to have flown 50,000,000 miles in their life but G-ZZZC is part of the fairly exclusive club! Not only this but G-ZZZC was the first 777 in Europe!

G-ZZZC started life all the way back in 1995. Remember the 1995? Michael Jackson was releasing Earth Song and DVDs were only just announced. How times have changed… Well towards the end of the year, G-ZZZC took off from Boeing in the US powered by two GE90s to be delivered and start life flying passengers all around world. She didn’t stop for the next 25 years.

This is one of the 777s which recently made its way through the disassembly process here in Wales with many of the parts being carefully looked after as spares for active 777s so it’s not the end for G-ZZZC, her parts might well be back on a 777 you fly on soon. Fortunately, there’s a number of parts which have been saved and are now available in our shop. See if there’s anything you like and keep tagging us on Instagram – @planereclaimers

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Another Jumbo Lands

Good news for all 747 fans! A plethora of new items have been added to our shop.

All the goodies from G-CIVG have been parted out and put on sale for enthusiasts to get their hands on. We’ve got a whole range of stuff from seat numbers all the way up to the thrust control column so there’s something for everyone, big or small!

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you receive your pieces, we love hearing from you – @planereclaimers!

Credit: @speedbirduk
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Shop Now Open

There are a great assortment of things available now in our shop ranging from small stocking fillers such as a life jacket all the way up to emergency escape hatches and engine exhausts.

Get stuck in and see what we’ve got!

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Own a Special Piece of Tinker Belle

A special surprise has just been uploaded onto our eBay shop for all Virgin Atlantic fans. We’ve made both the flying ladies from ether side of the fuselage and the name tags available for auction on eBay.

Own a piece of history now, bidding starts at just 99p!

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First Episode Airs

Last night at 9PM on Quest, the first episode of Plane Reclaimers was broadcast to viewers in the UK.

The episode covered not only commercial aircraft as an A319 lands from Abu Dhabi but we also got a glimpse into military aircraft with Bob and Roger exploring behind the scenes of the final Hercules C-130K ever made ready for recycling. We also met the team of technicians as they tackle their tight deadlines to get the components off the aircraft and into the hands of their awaiting customers.

If you loved this episode then you’re in for a treat as there’s 9 more to come. Missed out last night? Check out dplay to catch up on the action.